Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's begin our building dairy!

v-v v-v..... Happy days for me! My house finally started on 18th March 2009, a day I will never forget. When my Simonds Home supervisor called me in the morning I still can't believe it. hey man, I still haven't met my site supervisor yet!!! haaaa ( I am going to meet them tomorrow though) lol

After 3 months hunting , driving crazy, creative thinking and daydreaming, here we go, MY MILAN 2500 is finally kicking start.

Of course every story has its table of contents, but in my story I guess starts from my Floor Plan then.. haaa

When I first looked at this floor plan, I fell in love with it, this three bedrooms plan is pretty general look plan. But one thing I like the most is the space I will get from this house. It is 25 squares in total. The lounge, alfresco, family area and kitchen will form a huge "L" shape open living area, the outdoor and the indoor spaces just integrate together so beautifully!! Every Queen size bedroom will definitely give our family (me, my parents, and my younger sister) enough private and enjoyable space.

This house is facing South, backyard toward North, my builder said the best direction you can have, every morning I can enjoy my breakfast under the East rising sun, enjoy my warm cup of tea in winter sitting on my favor bench do my reading..........can't stop thinking of me in this beautiful house, my dream home!


  1. We are building too and I'm as excited as you sound! How great will it be to eventually own (be in debt for) your won home - I'm looking forward to not renting for a while!! Great plan - we like that one too! (we are also building with Simonds)